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About Us

PT Siger Coco Indonesia is a company engaged in international trade, based in Lampung - Indonesia. We are focused on supply the best Indonesian coconut derivatives and spices including Coconut Fiber, Coconut Peat, and Coconut Testa. We are additionally working with local manufacturers and farmers to maintain our quality.

We promise to provide the best supply worldwide, while still prioritizing our values to establish a sustainable and fair environment for our local communities.  Transcending our valued customer's expectations will always be our main goal. PT Siger Coco Indonesia was established to understand every essential matter of our loyal customers.


One of the leading companies in Indonesia that provides coconut derivatives to domestic international markets. It can help bring more quality coconut products into the market.


Creating an integrated and Harmoniuos Ecosystem distribution channel between local producers and tcustomers. This will help improve the welfare of our local farmers and provide our customers with high-quality products.